Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Over 4000 Slabs and Over 150 colors in Stock

In our experience, Red Granites are some of the rarest and most sought after stones by both designers and homeowners.  Many of our designers at the Granite Countertop Warehouse love the way rich Red Granites contrast light cabinetry and lighter woods. They feel that this difference give a room a certain “pop” that gives our customers much satisfaction.

Other designers and customers alike love lighter shades of Red Granite to be paired with darker woods and dark wood cabinetry as well as flooring.

Red Granite Countertops : If you are looking for a unique, modern and romantic accent to your décor, Red Granite may be the way to go.  Make an appointment with one of the Granite Countertop Warehouse design team to see how our Red Granites can give you an amazing kitchen, bathroom or entertainment area.

Some popular colors include, Red Dragon, Aquarius Red, Havana Red and Imperial Red. These granites come from all over the globe including Brazil, Vietnam and China. Since Granite Countertop Warehouse is a direct importer, you can be assured that you will see the best variety of Red Granite at the best prices anywhere.

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Aegean Bordeaux
African Juparana
African Red
Amarelo Frades
Amarelo Real
Amelia Rose
Balmoral Red
Balmoral Red Coarse
Barents Red
Battersea Red
Belmont Rose
Big Flower Pink
Blushing Rose
Bonanza Red
Brasilia Red
Capao Bonito
Carmen Red
Catawba Pink
Cedar Rose
Chang Red
Cherry Flower
Cherry Mauve
Cherry Red
Colombo Juparana
Colonial Rose
Copper Sunset
Coral Missi
Coral Mist
Crown Red
Dakota Mahogany
Dallas Pink
Dark Mauve Flower
Dark Mystic Mauve
Desert Brown
Desert Rose
Desert Ruby
Dry Rose
Dusty Rose
Eagle Red
El Tigre
Empire Red
Eritrea Rose
Estremoz Rosa
Finnish Corall
Forte Rosa
Fujian Pink
Gran Colonial
Granito Rosa Baveno
Himalaya Blue
Hiu Dong Red
Imperial Pink
Imperial Red
Indian Juparana
Indian Sunrise
Indian Sunset
Ivory Chiffon
Jaupaci Coral
Juparana Minas
Juparana Natalia
Juparana Saba
Juperana Bordeaux
Kinawa Classic
Lady Dream
Laizhou Red
Laurie Red
Lieto Red
Light Rideau Red
Lightning Redfoo
Lilas Gerais
Lilias Gelais
Majestic Mauve
Milforfd Pink
Missouri Red
Mogno Bahia
Morning Rose
Morro Do Tigre Veiado
Mozart Ruby
Multicolor Red
New Imperial Red
New Mudgee Red
New Red
Nh Ruby
Old Rose
Pearl Flower
Pearl Red
Peperino Pink
Pink Bahia
Pink Bark
Pink Brown
Piranhas Red
Porkkala Red
Prairie Mountain
Princess Pink
Radiant Red
Ravena Red
Raw Silk
Raw Silk Pink
Red Arara
Red Bark
Red Dragon
Red Multicolor
Red Sierra Chica
Rhodium Bahia
Rojo Dragon
Roman Red
Rosa Beta
Rosa Coral
Rosa Florida
Rosa Missi
Rosa Monforte
Rosa Santa Eulalia
Rose de La Clarte
Rose de Salto
Rose Dust
Rouge Royal de Tapoumont
Royal Mahogany
Ruby Red
Salisbury Pink
Salmao Real
Salmon Gold
Salmon Green
Semien Pink
Shidao Red
Sierra Chica Red
Sivagela Granite
Sparta Pink
Sunset Red
Sweet Pink
Texas Red
Texas Rose
Thamanga Rose
Tiger Skin
Tropical Top
Vermelho Goias
Vermelho Ventura
Wild Pink
Xiao Niu
Xili Red
Yue Flower