Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile: Flag Pole Base Featuring Uba Tuba Granite

Type of Job: Flagpole Base
Material: Granite
Color: Uba Tuba
Edge: Eased Edge (flat)

For this project, we installed Uba Tuba Granite as a flagpole base with an eased edge. We also applied DRY TREAT on the surface of this natural stone for protection against scratches and color fading.

Uba Tuba Granite is a special dark-colored natural stone quarried from Brazil. It has an amazing deep dark green, almost black background with specks of gold, beige and gray on the surface. This particular granite color is a classic-favorite of many designers because it makes a strong impression with any application. As a flagpole base, Uba Tuba Granite is amazing and the minerals in this granite seem to sparkle in the natural light.

Here are some photos of the completed flagpole base.

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