Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile : Thunder White Granite Vanity in Chattanooga, TN

Type of Job: Master Vanity

Material: Granite

Color: Thunder White

Edge: ¼ Roundover

Sink: CB-210 White (Large Oval Vanity Sink)

Designer: Janice Cuzzort

For this installation project, our team fabricated and installed a slab of polished Thunder White granite. The surface has a ¼ roundover edge and a white large oval vanity sink. Thunder White is a classic granite quarried in the mines in India. It has a creamy white undertone with specks of grey and burgundy minerals scattered throughout its surface.

This granite color is sought after because of its unique design and versatility.  Thunder White’s color combination will stand out the most when paired with black, navy blue and dark brown cabinetry colors. However, when paired with light colors, it creates a clean and soft look in your bathroom design.

Here is an image of the master vanity featuring Thunder White granite that we installed for a customer in Chattanooga, TN.

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