Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile : Steel Grey Granite Vanity in Crossville, TN

Type of Job : Bathroom Vanity

Material : Granite

Color : Steel Grey

Edge : ¼ roundover

Sink : CB-1813 White Large Rectangle Vanity Sinks

Designer : Sarah Dill

In this bathroom renovation project, we customized polished Steel Grey granite slabs with ¼ roundover edge.  Two white rectangle sinks were also installed and the surface was sealed with Dry Treat, securing fifteen years of strong protection from stains and color fading.

Steel Grey granite is a durable natural stone with a medium color variation. It is characterized by its dominant shades of grey and black, and flecks of blue and light grey throughout the surface. Steel Grey’s colors make it a very versatile stone.  It can pair well with most cabinet colors, but really stands out with white or grey.

Here is an image of the Steel Grey granite vanity that we installed for a customer in Crossville, TN :

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