Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile: Steel Grey Granite Kitchen Countertops in Shelbyville, TN

Type of Job : Kitchen Countertops

Material : Granite

Color : Steel Grey

Backsplash : Tile

Edge : ¼ inch Bevel edge

Sink : UM farm sink

Designer : Randall Gregory

Steel Grey, one of the most in-demand dark-colored granite in our inventory, was selected by our customer for this kitchen project. The leathered Steel Grey slabs were fabricated with ¼ inch bevel edge profile, and installed with a tile backsplash and an undermount sink in one of the counters.

Steel Grey granite consists of a black undertone with a mixture of medium-grey flecks and a sprinkling of light-grey minerals scattered throughout the surface.  Its overall appearance is reasonably uniform with no large patterns or mineral deposits. In a room with a lot of light, the minerals will be more visible. It is amazing when they catch the light, creating a very exotic look and feel to the countertops.

Steel Grey is very versatile because it can pair with most colors of cabinets and accents. When paired with darker cabinets, the overall tone will be darker, but when paired with white cabinets, the light grey minerals will stand out.

Here’s an image of the Steel Grey granite kitchen countertops that we installed for our customer in Shelbyville, TN:

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