Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile : Rainforest Brown Marble Kitchen Countertops in Dayton, TN

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Marble

Color: Rainforest Brown

Edge: 1/4 Roundover

Sink: Kohler Cater RC-21612-2PC-NA (Single Bowl)

Designer: Scott Adkins

For this kitchen upgrade project, our client selected polished Rainforest Brown marble slabs.  Our fabricators then customized and installed them with a ¼ roundover edge.  A single bowl sink was also installed in one of the counters.  The countertops were all sealed with Dry Treat, ensuring long-lasting protection from scratches, stains and color fading for up to fifteen years Rainforest Brown is an intriguing stone that is quarried in India. This exotic marble color has a grey undertone, detailed with different sizes of brown veining patterned throughout its surface.  When you take a closer look, the veins will seem like they’re actually carved into the marble. Without a doubt, its unique design creates a bold and dramatic look to any kitchen design.  Rainforest Brown is highly recommended for those who would like to create a unique and exciting look with an element of nature. Here are some images of the Rainforest Brown kitchen countertops that we installed, paired with dark brown cabinets:

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