Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile Golden Crystal Granite Countertops in Whitwell, TN

Project Profile: Golden Crystal Granite Countertops in Whitwell, TN

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Granite

Color: Golden Crystal

Backsplash: 4”

Edge: Triple Pencil

Designer: Sarah Dill

For this kitchen project, we installed polished Golden Crystal countertops with a triple nose edge, along with a stainless undermount sink. All the surfaces were sealed with DRYTREAT, to keep it scratch and stain-free for fifteen years.

Golden Crystal granite is a spectacular stone quarried in Northern Brazil. True to its name, this stone has a rich golden undertone with swirling patterns of black, brown and grey minerals on its surface. The amount of color variation in this granite color is quite uniform which makes it look even more attractive.

Golden Crystal can create a variety of moods depending on the color of the cabinets inside the room. When paired with white or neutral colored cabinets, it will add a touch of nature and create a cozy ambiance. If you pair it with dark-colored cabinets, it will create a warm and rustic feel. This granite color will also add texture and personality to any kitchen design.

Golden Crystal Granite is in demand because of its exquisite detail and durability. It is widely used by many designers in both exterior and interior projects including kitchen and bathroom counters, vanity tops, walls, flooring, and more.

Here is a photo of the installed kitchen countertops with light brown cabinets:

Golden Crystal Granite Countertops in Whitwell, TN

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