Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile : Giallo Napoli Granite Vanity in Rossville, GA

Type of Job : Bathroom Vanity

Material : Granite

Color : Giallo Verona

Backsplash : 3 ⅜ inch

Edge : ¼ Roundover

Sink : CB-209 White Vanity Oval Sink IPT

Designer : Jason Kaylor For this bathroom renovation project, we customized a polished Giallo Napoli granite slab that was imported from Brazil.

The specifications included a 3 ⅜ inch backsplash along with a ¼ roundover edge.  A white oval sink was also installed in the vanity. Giallo Napoli is a beautiful, natural stone that has a golden cream undertone that is speckled with small black, gold and brown minerals throughout the surface. It has a medium level of variation- the size and density of the mineral deposits are what will vary the most. Some slabs will be speckled with small deposits, while others are dominated by large ones. Because of the natural and golden appearance of Giallo Napoli granite, it looks best when combined with a medium wood stained cabinet.  This combination is eye catching and brings out the rich colors in the stone. Here is an image of the Giallo Napoli granite vanity that we installed for a customer in Rossville, GA :

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