Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile: Dallas White Granite Bathroom Vanity in Crossville, TN

Type of Job: Bathroom Vanity

Material: Granite

Color: Dallas White

Backsplash: 4 inch

Edge: Double Roundover Edge

Sinks: CB-1813 White (Large Rectangle Ceramic Vanity)

Designer: Mayeli Medina

In this bathroom improvement project, we customized polished Dallas White granite slabs. The vanity was installed with a four-inch backsplash, a double round over edge, and two white large rectangle ceramic sinks.

Dallas White granite is characterized by its white undertone and distinct black, brown, and cream veining and mineral deposits throughout its surface. It features eye-catching veining details that give the slab a striking appearance. Dallas White looks fabulous when installed with either dark or light-colored cabinets. However, the details will be even more noticeable when paired with white cabinets, allowing for pops of color to the design.

There is also medium variation in Dallas White granite and consistency from one slab to another. This is one of the reasons why this granite is a favorite.

Here is an image of the Dallas White granite bathroom vanity that we installed for a customer in Crossville, TN:

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