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Colonial White Granite Countertop in Ringgold, GA

Project Profile: Colonial White Granite Countertop in Ringgold, GA

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertop

Material: Granite

Color: Colonial White

Backsplash: 4.625”

Sink: U3118-SB-RA UM SS 18G Single Bowl

Edge: ¼ Roundover

Designer: Sarah Dill

For this kitchen project, we installed polished Colonial White countertop with 4.625” backsplash and 1⁄4 Roundover edge, along with a stainless single bowl undermount sink. The surface was sealed with DRYTREAT, to keep it protected from scratch and stains for fifteen years.

Colonial White is an elegant natural stone quarried in India. It has a mixture of cream and pale grey undertones with speckles of jet black mineral deposits throughout its surface. When paired with white cabinets, this stone’s subtle colors and design will create a light yet sophisticated ambiance inside the room.

Colonial White’s structure is usually consistent from one slab to another with slight differences in terms of veining. This durable surface is suitable for most interior and exterior projects including walls, vanity tops, kitchen counters, floorings, and many more. When sealed properly, Colonial White can definitely last for many years.

Here are some photos of the installed countertop in a kitchen with medium brown cabinets:

Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite Countertop

Colonial White Granite Countertop in Ringgold, GA

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