Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile : Calacatta Gold Quartz Vanity in Charleston, TN

Type of Job : Bathroom Vanity

Material : Quartz

Color : Calacatta Gold

Edge : ¼ Roundover Edge

Sink : CB-1811 White (Small Rectangle Ceramic Vanity Sinks) IPT

Designer : Rhea Iglesias

In this project, we customized and installed polished Calacatta Gold quartz slabs. The vanity top has a ¼ round over edge and two small rectangle vanity sinks.

Our featured color of the week, Calacatta Gold, is an impressive white quartz with elements of grey mineral veins beautifully patterned throughout its surface.

When you see it closely, you will notice that there is little to medium variation in its color composition from one slab to another.  It’s mostly white, but under bright natural or artificial lighting, the other mineral colors become noticeable and are very striking.

This engineered stone is extremely durable and resilient to heat, stains, and color fading. Quartz countertops are a great choice for kitchen countertops, bar tops, outdoor kitchens, and bathroom countertops.

Here’s an image of the Calacatta Gold Quartz Vanity we installed for a client in Charleston, TN :

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