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Make your Bathroom your Haven

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Make your Bathroom your Haven

Make your Bathroom your Haven

We could all use an escape from today’s fast-paced and stressful world. 

By turning your bathroom into a unique haven, you can get away without leaving your home! Your bathroom can be the ultimate escape. From a luxurious spa-like retreat in your master bathroom to a private room tucked away, you can create a space designed especially for you. 

Here are some design ideas to consider for your bathroom haven.

Smart Gadgets

Make your bathroom a high-tech room in your home with some cool and helpful gadgets. Listen to relaxing music thanks to a voice-activated Bluetooth speaker- even while taking a shower! A lighted toilet seat will make that late-night trip more manageable, while touch-free faucets and liquid soap dispensers are really convenient. 

Install a Huge Shower and Sauna

Upgrade to a huge shower with multiple shower heads, a sitting area, and a steam setting for an incredible experience. Finish off with glass doors or high-end tile floors to create a luxurious look. Don’t forget to upgrade to a double water heater, so you never run out of hot water.   Adding a sauna also allows you to relax, detox, and rejuvenate without leaving home. 

Japanese Toilet

Japanese toilets are a heavenly experience! The defining feature of a Japanese toilet is its built-in bidet, with a nozzle that sends water up to the front and back for cleaning purposes. Other luxurious features include heated seats, water temperature control, and pulsating or oscillating water controls. High-end options include a blow-dry system instead of using toilet paper, air deodorizing, speakers to play music, glow in the dark options, an air-conditioned toilet rim for those hot summer months, and even massagers built into the toilet seat itself. These options are on a control panel, next to the appliance, or on a hand-held device.

Update Fixtures

A luxurious bathroom should have updated lighting fixtures to give the room a new look for the atmosphere you want to create. Choose designs with colors that 

give you the feeling of being at a spa. You can also update the flooring with 

heated tiles and update countertops with marble, granite, or quartz. Choosing the right colors in your bathroom can create an elegant feel and a sophisticated vibe. 


Express yourself in your new haven by incorporating artwork. Anything from a beautiful painting that invokes a calming feeling to simple decor elements gives the bathroom a serene look and feel. Adding plants is also a sure way to bring beautiful details. Simplicity in decor with soft natural colors goes a long way to achieving your ultimate bathroom haven.