Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Over 4000 Slabs and Over 150 colors in Stock

Brown,  Beige and Suede Granites have historically been very popular with customers that are trying to match with lighter brown cabinetry. The granites adapt well to many decors but are especially well suited with an earthy style. These colors fit in well with a variety of styles and themes and the granites are known to be very durable. Whether its your kitchen or bath, the colors will give you home a warm and relaxing look. Some popular colors include Aztec, Baltic and Tropic Brown granite.

Shading and color details can vary from slab to slab and Rocky Tops Custom Countertops is dedicated to bringing you as many options as possible when decorating with Brown, Beige and Suede granite.  As a Direct Granite Importer, Rocky Tops Custom Countertops has deliveries of slabs arriving daily. These colors are very popular and don’t stay in the slab yard very long. This is why it’s important to reserve your slab by letting us know what color you are looking for.Brown, Suede Granite Countertops

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Alacritous Green
Arctic Green
Ashigami Marble
Balaban Green
Baldwin Green
Balmoral Green
Balmoral Green
Baltic Green FG
Butterfly Green
Catskill Green
Coast Green
Cobra Green
Crystal Green
Eco Green
Emerald Green
Emerald Green Marble
Emerald Pearl
Empress Dark Green
Fogang Green
Forest Green
Gemlik Diabase
Granito Verde Mergozzo
Green Marinacchi
Green Galaxy
Hassan Green
Hualian Jade
Hunter Green
Ita Verde
Ita Green
Jade Green
Karelia Green
Kuppam Green
Mountain Green
Olive Green
Olive Green
Orcoyana Green
Panxi Green
Peacock Green
Peacock Green
Pietra Di Courtil
Pine Green
Pocono Green
Prairie Green
Prarie Green
Royal Celeste
Saint Tropez
San Francisco Green
Scottish Meadow
Sea Weed Green
Sea Foam Green
Silver Sea Green
Slovak Dreen Serpentine
Slovak Dreen Serpentine Dark
Spring Rose
Sultan Green
Tiawan Green Extra
Tropical Green
Tropical Green
Velvet Green
Verde Agento
Verde Alpi Chiaro
Verde Amazonas
Verde Aosta
Verde Bahia
Verde Boa Nova
Verde Dorato
Verde Eucalipto
Verde Labrador
Verde Marinaci
Verde Maritaca
Verde Oceano
Verde Olivia
Verde Pantanal
Verde San Francisco
Verde Speranza
Verde Tijuca
Verde Tropical
Verde Tunas
Verde Veneziano
Verde Candeas
Verde Eucalyptus
Verde Fontaine
Verde Fuoco
Verde Imperial
Verde Jaco
Verde Lavras
Verde Lavras
Verde Marinaci
Verde Maritaka