Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Over 4000 Slabs and Over 150 colors in Stock

Gold, Yellow and Cream Granite Countertops :Gold Granite is the most popular granite at the Rocky Tops Custom Countertops and throughout the region. This is because many feel that it goes with most decors. The same is true to Yellow and Cream Granite. Many home builders use these colors in the granite that they put on their homes because of their flexibility. The colors fit in to most decorating styles and subsequently make the house easier to sell.

These colors adapt easily to a brighter or darker décor by offering subtle contrast.

Shading and color details can vary from slab to slab and Rocky Tops Custom Countertops is dedicated to bringing you as many options as possible when decorating with Gold, Cream and Yellow granite.  As a Direct Granite Importer, Rocky Tops Custom Countertops has deliveries of slabs arriving daily. These colors are very popular and don’t stay in the slab yard very long. This is why it’s important to reserve your slab by letting us know what color you are looking for.

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Albersdorfer Sandstein
Alinina Atlantida
Amarelo de Figueira
Amarelo de S Martinho
Amarelo Sao Francisco Real
Amarelo Selvagem
Amarillo Extremadura
Amendoa Missi
Anbrown Flower
Apple Spice
Ariah Park Beige
Ayvalik Granite
Azul Quati
Blanco Caceres
Branco Aurora
Brasilia Coffee
Brazil Coffee
Burdur Beyez
Cacatua Bahia
Caramel Beige
Chandelier Quartzite Leathered
Classico Dunas Granite Countertops
Colombo Juparana
Colonial Cream
Cream Cabrera
Cream Galaxy
Crema Marfil Zafra
Crema Bordeaux
Creme Bahia
Creme Do Mouro
Creme Lagoa
Creme Pardais
Diamond Pearl
Diamond Pink
Giallo Matisse
Giallo Natalia
Giallo Topazio
African Beige
African Sand
African Sunset
Amber Yellow
Artus Gold
Autumn Leaf
Bamboo Onyx
Bamboo Yellow
Belgian Truffles
Bossa Nova
Butterfly Gold
Calcutta Gold Vein
Calypso Gold
Carpe Diem
Colonial Fantasy
Colonial Gold
Colonial Treasure
Copper Canyon
Copperfield Gold
Crystal Gold
Daino Reale
Delicatus Gold
Desert Dream
Desert Eclipse
Desert Fire
Desert Gold
Desert Multicolor
Desert Rose
Desert Sand
Desert Tempest
Durango Travertine
Exotic Gold Riverwash
Exotic Golden
Exotic Yellow
Falcon Yellow
Fantastic Gold
Ferro Gold
Giallo Antico
Giallo Bahia
Giallo California
Giallo Farfalla
Giallo Farfalla Leather
Giallo Fiesta
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Florence
Giallo Florentino
Giallo Fuoco
Giallo Napoleone
Giallo Ornamentale
Giallo Renoir
Giallo Veneziano Extra
Giallo Vicenza
Gold Silver
Golden Beach Juparana Persa
Golden Beach
Golden Beach Leather
Golden Bits
Golden Bordeaux
Golden Butterfly
Golden Canyon
Golden Cloudy
Golden Crystal
Golden Delicatus
Golden Dream
Golden Fantasy
Golden Fantasy Melody Leather
Golden Flakes
Golden Fuji
Golden Garnet
Golden King
Golden Leaf
Golden Lightning
Golden Lumiere
Golden Macaubas
Golden Melody
Golden Musk
Golden Oak
Golden Paradise
Golden Persa
Golden Persia Leather
Golden Queen
Golden Ray
Golden Rustic
Golden Summer
Imperial Gold
Golden Wave
Hawaiian Bordeaux
Golden Thunder
Malibu Gold
Mari Gold
Juparana Bronze
Juparana Canyon
Netuna Bordeaux
Nambia Gold
Niagara Gold
Ornamental Bordeaux
Oxford Gold
Penta Gold
Perlato Europa
Portofino Gold
Prada Gold
River Storm
Roma Imperiale
Royal Creme
Santa Helena
Shalimar Gold
Splendor Gold
Stargate Gold
Stone Wood
Taupe Gold
Travertine Gold
Travertino Navona
Tropical Gold
Typhoon Gold
Venetian Gold
Vyara Gold
Yellow Bamboo
Yellow Rain
Yellow River
Grigio Argento
Gringo Perla Budduso
Gris Alba
Gris Campanario
Gris Espinar
Indian Juparana
Ivory Silk
Juparana Brasil
Juparana Classico
Juparana Colombo
Juparana Rosa
Juparana Arandis
Juparana Starlight
Juparana Taupe
Jura Melange
Kashmir Bahia
Kudza Beige
Lac Du Bonnet
Loyal Valley
Luck Dark Rose
Luck Medium Rose
Mauve Juparana
Milford Pink
Mistic Mauve Light
Misty Mauve
Moccha Sabbia
Mosaic Rose
Multicolor Icarai
Mystic Mauve Dark
Pacific Peach
Padang Giallo
Parana Tropical
Perla Kaxigal
Perla Merina
Pietra Di Cogne
Pink Himalaia
Pink Kershaw
Pink Salisbury
Rockville Beige
Rojo Baztan
Rosa Alba
Rosa De Extremadura
Rosa Limbara
Rosa Moncao
Rosa Nule
Rosa Zarzi
Rosso Porrino
Salmon Pink
San Roman
Santa Cecilia Dark
Sazara Rue Marble
Shivakashi Yellow
Silver Pearl
Southern Blush
Sparta Pink
Spring Rose
St Cecillia
Summer Yellow
Sunset Beige
Texas Pearl
Texas Pink
Tiger Flower
Tittlinger Rose
Vermelho Filomena
Veselje Fiorito
Veselje Unito
Viitasaari Yellow
Yellow Baje
Yellow River
Yellow River Leathered
Yellow River Leathered (2)