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February Color Spotlight: Giallo Veneziano

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February Color Spotlight: Giallo Veneziano

February Color Spotlight: Giallo Veneziano

Stone Type: Granite

Colors: Gold, Black and Grey


Our color spotlight of the day is… Giallo Veneziano granite! This amazing granite slab has a rich golden background color with veins of black and grey on its surface. Looking at it from afar, its dark yellow tone is more visible.

You will appreciate this stunning granite color even more when you look at it closely. Its distinctive pattern is composed of a variety of color tones that complement each other very well. Veins of grey are evenly scattered, and hints of black are randomly dotted throughout its surface.

The colors found in Giallo Veneziano granite may vary from one slab to the next and also depending on how much natural or artificial light shines on the surface. It will look lighter under direct sunlight and its dark color will be more dominant under normal lighting.

Granite is a proven strong and durable for use in both outdoor and indoor projects. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Pairing Giallo Veneziano granite with dark cabinets will give a warm ambiance to your kitchen or bathroom. However, when paired with lighter toned cabinets its richness and elegance is much more pronounced. This type of pairing will create a contrast in your kitchen while giving a bright and inviting feel to the room.

When purchasing this granite or any other stone for any bathroom or kitchen project, it is best to see the stone in person before making your final decision. This allows you to see the different color variations and patterns, so you can select the one you want most for your design.

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