Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Project Profile Elegant Brown Granite Countertops in Monteagle, TN

Project Profile: Elegant Brown Granite Countertops in Monteagle, TN

Type of Job: Kitchen Countertops

Material: Granite

Color: Elegant Brown

Backsplash: 4”

Edge: Waterfall

Designer:  Janice Cuzzort

For this project, we installed polished Elegant Brown granite kitchen countertops with a 4 inch backsplash and a waterfall edge. A single bowl sink was also installed in one of the counters. All the surfaces were sealed with DRYTREAT, securing 25 years of strong protection from scratches, stains and color fading.

Elegant Brown granite is an exquisite and durable stone quarried in Brazil. This granite color has a grayish undertone, lined with light brown and dark brown mineral deposits on its surface. It is popular among many designers because of its unique detail and durability. Elegant Brown granite is suitable for most interior and exterior projects including countertops, vanity tops, bar tops, backsplashes, and more. This granite color will make a great focal point for most kitchens, and add an interesting and unique look to your design.

Here is a photo of the installed countertops with light brown cabinets:


Elegant Brown Granite Countertops in Monteagle, TN

Elegant Brown Granite Countertops

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