Granite Countertops in Chattanooga Tennessee

Over 4000 Slabs and Over 150 colors in Stock

Blue Granite Countertops: Blue Granite is fast becoming a popular granite color choice for many homeowners and designers in the SouthEast.  We have seen in the last few months a serious increase in demand for Blue Granites. People like the color because of the beautiful patterns and lustrous quality that complements stainless steel appliances, sinks and floor tiles. Rocky Tops Custom Countertops, a direct importer and wholesaler, is able to bring these fine Blue Granites from all over the world including Africa, Brazil and Northern Europe.

The patterns displayed in our Blue Granites make them very popular because the veins within the slab offer a very unique look that makes it easy to match to other elements in your home’s décor. In addition to its beauty, our Blue Granite slabs are very durable and difficult to scratch.

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African Blue
Agua Marina
Amazona Blue
Arya Blue
Azul Bahia
Azul Cielo
Azul Extremadura
Azul Guerra
Azul Paramirim
Azul Platino
Azul Quati
Azul Transmontano
Azul Aran
Azul Platino
Bahama Blue
Barents Blue
Bianco Venato Carpano
Blue Cristal
Blue Drop
Blue Eyes
Blue Fantasy
Blue Flower White
Blue King
Blue Pearl GT
Blue Pearl Royale
Blue Bahia
Blue Barracuda
Blue Cloud
Blue River
Bombay Blue
Cafe Amazonia
Cinzento De Antas
Cristal Azul
Estimate Blue Pearl Royal
Flash Blue
Forest Blue
French Blue Pellicano
Greek Cipolino
Impala Blue
Irish Blue
Jet Mist
Kossein Granite
Labradorite Blue
Labrador Antique
Labrador Blue
Lavender Blue
Louis Blue
Marina Pearl
Marina Pearl
Ocean Blue
Paradiso Bash
Paradiso Classico
Platinum Blue
Preto Evora
Ruivina Claro
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Siberian Blue
Sky Blue
Standard Blue
Tibetan Blue
Tibetan Blue
Trigaxes Claro
Vere Sao Francisco
Violet Tropical
Volga Blue